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S. Irwin - Bradley, IL - Fracture Surgery

5-Stars! After my car accident, I met Dr. Antkowiak (Dr. A). His immediate response to my needs was exceptional. Not only is he an experienced surgeon with tender authority, he is easy to talk to, has insight into providing pain management and has a genuine, compassionate concern for patients and their families. These qualities, and too many more to mention, make him a well-rounded physician. OAK Orthopedics is a fine-tuned facility. They have a teamwork-oriented environment with physicians and staff working together to provide quality healthcare. I am thankful we met, and would highly recommend Dr. Antkowiak and his team at OAK Orthopedics.

- S. Irwin

C. Hermann - Collegiate Athlete - Knee Surgery  

Since my sophomore year of high school I have had daily knee pain. It started as a minor pain and progressed to a debilitating level. For nearly 6 years, athletic trainers, chiropractors, family physicians and even specialists treated me for "knee tendonitis" with little improvement. I attended physical therapy, did stretching and exercises and iced for hours each day. Some nights I would end up on the floor clenching my knee, massaging it and doing everything possible to get some pain relief. Nothing seemed to work. That's when I researched and found the team at OAK Orthopedics.

Dr Antkowiak and his partner Dr Lee were very knowledgeable and friendly. They examined my knee, obtained X-rays and an MRI and diagnosed me with calcific tendonitis. Over the years a large calcium deposit had formed in my patellar tendon and was causing the terrible pain. Dr Antkowiak took the time to explain the diagnosis and the treatment options. He offered a minimally invasive technique for removing the calcium and repairing the tendon. The surgery was scheduled within two weeks and it went great! My pain was improved almost immediately. Within 3-4 weeks of surgery I was able to squat my body weight easily and within 2 months I had made a full recovery and resumed strength training. My knee hadn't felt that great in years. At 5 months post-op and my strength and function are better than ever before.  There is no pain and I'm able to jump and play without limitations. I am extremely grateful for the efforts of all the specialists at OAK Orthopedics, especially to my surgeon Dr. Tom Antkowiak.

- C. Hermann

R. O'Dette - Tinley Park, IL - ACL & Meniscus Surgery

I hurt my knee when I was just 10 years old and lived with the constant pain for over 30 years. This past summer, my knee swelled and the pain became unbearable. I made an appointment with Oak Orthopedics, and that's when I met Dr. Antkowiak. He took the time to listen and after an exam and MRI Dr. Antkowiak discovered that I had a badly torn meniscus and an ACL tear.  We had a discussion about the diagnosis and Dr Antkowiak explained the treatment options. We decided to fix the tears surgically. I have never had an operation so, on the morning of my surgery, I was feeling a little scared. All that changed when I arrived at the OAK surgical institute. Everyone there made my experience easy and memorable. I felt very comfortable and safe there. Dr Antkowiak and the team were very professional and compassionate. I couldn't have asked for anything better! I am now 8 months out from my surgery and I feel great! My knee has not felt this healthy in a long time; I have no more pain or discomfort.  I can't thank Dr. Antkowiak and his staff enough for taking such great care of me!

- R. O'Dette

J&M Sandusky - Bradley, IL - Shoulder Rotator cuff repair

Great Experience! Dr Antkowiak was our surgeon and he made us feel like we were the only patients he had.  He was very personable and took time to explain everything in clinic and on the day of surgery. He made himself available for any questions that came up and treated us with care and compassion. He treats his patients and staff very well! Those around him are happy and his team works great together! We had a fantastic experience and are making an excellent recovery after surgery. 

- J&M Sandusky 

C Onwiler - Frankfort, IL - Shoulder injury

On Fathers Day, 2014, I destroyed my collarbone in an accident.  It was broken in multiple pieces and was displaced. I was in trouble and I knew only a surgery would fix this.

The next day, I saw Dr. Antkowiak.  I liked him immediately.  His enthusiasm was infectious.  He was upbeat and confident. He explained all the options and assured me that I'd be on the road to recovery quickly. Due to the severely displaced fracture we decided to pursue surgery. Things went great; I got through surgery without any problems. Dr Antkowiak was committed to getting the best repair possible. His dedication to perfection was obvious. Perhaps this comes from his being so involved in sports medicine but one thing is for sure:  You  want  a surgeon with an attitude like that screwing your bones back together.  

My surgery was a complete success. Four months later, I'm living my life exactly as I did before the injury.  I can work and play just as hard as I ever could previously.  I'd like to think that it was divine guidance which brought me to a doctor who is an enthusiastic perfectionist.  Throughout my recovery, Dr. A and his entire staff treated me like the most important person in their care.  I'd recommend Dr. Antkowiak and his team to anyone.  While I pray that I'll never be busted up enough to need him again, you can bet that Dr. A will remain my go-to guy in orthopedic surgery.

- C. Onwiler

"Dr. Antkowiak is the best. He and his staff are always there to help you in time of need. He is the best doctor around."

– Delilah L.

"As I walked into the Oak Orthopedic facility in Bradley the receptionist made me feel welcomed. My wait time was shorter than anticipated. The nurses/aids were friendly and professional. They listened to what I had to say about my problem. I felt at ease speaking with all. I had an x-ray first and the tech was patient with me and explained how I needed to stand/turn for the best results. When the x-ray was developed I was told exactly what it showed. Dr. Antkowiak came in and told what he needed to do. He was professional, friendly and took his time to explain just what I was dealing with. I needed to have an injection to ease the pain of my condition. Dr. Antkowiak prepared me for the injection, telling me exactly what he was doing step by step, so nothing was a surprise. I would recommend this orthopedic clinic to others in need. Why? Because of their treatment of me as an individual, not just another patient. This is what I find important in any clinical setting."

– Annlynn M.

"Dr. Antkowiak is an amazing doctor. One of the best bedside manners I have ever encountered. He explains everything and made me very comfortable about my surgery."

– Thomas B.

"From the moment I walked into the office, they made me feel comfortable and welcomed. They ensured all my questions were answered and my needs were met. The entire office was friendly and kindhearted, and I could tell they had my best interests at heart."

– Shannon S.

"Very thorough, concise, accommodating and amicable. Explains things to my understanding."

– Kathy R.

"Everyone is great!"

– Shawna H.

"Dr. Antkowiak is personable, knowledgeable and patient. He explains everything to you and no question is to silly to ask. I just love Dr. A. He is a great surgeon."

– Donna C.

"Dr. A is a wonderful doctor that squeezed us in after my 2 year old daughter broke her arm. He made us feel like we were his primary concern and was very sensitive to my daughter's apprehension. Thank you so much to Oak for making our emergencies their priority!"

– Alison B.

"Dr. Antkowiak is a wonderful doctor. He is very understanding, helpful, and he listens to my concerns. I have recommended him to friends with great results for them. I am lucky to have such outstanding medical help just minutes away from me. Thank you, Dr. Antkowiak."

– Karen B.

"Always pleasant. Makes you feel at ease. Answers all questions without rushing out the door."

– Janiene W.


– Kevin C.

"Terrific doc. Explained my problem very well in addition to treatment options. Compassionate."

– Marsha B.

"There are not many opportunities in this life to spend time with God but if you have ever been a patient of Dr. Antkowiak you know what I mean. I had two shoulder replacements (left, anatomical and right reverse) both turned out perfect a almost pain free. A GREAT PHYSICIAN and HUMAN BEING."

– Eric G.

"I recently had a reverse shoulder replacement surgery. My surgeon, Dr. Tom Antkowiak, is first-rate. He has a pleasant manner and is conscientious about answering questions. Also keeping me informed and listening to my concerns. My convalescence is going well. I have been pleased with my follow-up appointments, and according to my therapist, the PT therapy protocol Dr. Antkowiak designed for my rehabilitation has me ahead of schedule."

– Sue R.

"I really love this place! Everyone has been kind, knowledgeable, and medically professional. All things I look for and appreciate in people who I am entrusting my health to. What really stands out to me is that you can tell they genuinely like people, what they do, and their enthusiasm for helping people. I love that! I would 100% recommend Dr. Antkowiak and his staff. I am very glad I have found them."

– Stephanie R.

"Dr. Antkowiak exudes confidence and makes me confident as well. I really appreciate everyone on staff as well."

– Bill M.

"Having Dr. Tom Anktowiak for my surgeon instilled confidence in me. My husband and I were both pleased with his professionalism and knowledge. He was also willing to consult with a surgeon from France before he proceeded. That instilled in us a trust in him. The fact that he was humble enough to reach out to the doctor that perfected the reverse shoulder surgery I had done was impressive to us. He took his time exhausting all options before he operated. And then operated. We would recommend this one particular doctor over most others. Other opinions we received did not compare to his. We have the utmost confidence in him and his abilities."

– Robin K.

"This is my second visit with Dr. Antkowiak. First was my swollen elbow which he addressed & is all better now. This visit was for my right painful knee area. Dr. Antkowiak makes me feel like I've known him a lot longer. He made me feel at ease from the very first time I met him & I really trust him with his decisions about my problems. I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Antkowiak. Let me tell you about his COLD hands, when he puts them on the area that is painful, it feels like a live ice pack which does feel good. I HIGHLY recommend Oak Orthopedics & Dr. Tomas Antkowiak."

– Sue M.

"Best doctor I have ever had. THE BEST!!!"

– Marie K.